What I found challenging was the exponents. I found those challenging because I didn’t really get the till now. Now that I know them I’m going to work hard to get an A on my test. I’m still working on the exponents. Hopefully I will keep getting better and better at them!

I overcame them by listening real well to my math teacher so I can get better at them. My brother has also helped me with them. I also talked to Mr. Burdick about them to show me how to do it. I think I really am improving. Hopefully I will get better and better!

I am proud of how much I’ve learned this year. I have gotten smarter since the beginning of the year. I thank Mr. Burdick for helping me out with tough questions. And my parents for helping me out when I didn’t get something. Thank you!

My goal is to get better at math. I chose this goal because I haven’t been getting a lot of this stuff lately. But now since I am getting better at math I am improving on my work. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have an A by the end of the year!

I would like my parents to try the monster problem because it was a really hard fact. I couldn’t even figure it out so I want them to try it!

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