I think I have grown because I learned a lot of facts about honey bees that I didn’t know and I am really glad that we are helping the honey bees. I learned a lot more about geo cashing also. A sixth grader has been helping me out about the bees. And a fifth grader like me has been looking up facts about bees. I’m really happy with all the progress I have made.
I think we all worked well together but at the start some of the kids in our group was confused and had no idea what geo cashing is. But now a kid and I are coming up with bee facts and two other kids are learning about the travel bugs. But I do think we all worked together really good and we are still trying to come up with facts. I think we will really work well together when we really go geo cashing. I think we will work well together because we have been doing good throughout the whole year and I’m really excited to go geo cashing.

My favorite part about this challenge is helping to save the honey bees from colony collapse disorder. I think this is really cool because we are the only kids in the school trying to save the bees. We need bees because if we didn’t we wouldn’t have any fresh foods or pretty flowers. So I’m really happy that I get to do it next year also. I’m really happy we are doing this.
My individual goal is probably is to work harder on the bees and to make sure I understand all of the meanings of all of these facts. I haven’t really understood the facts. But now that I’m trying hard I think I’m getting the facts. I am really happy with all of the progress I have been making. And I’m happy that I am moving up towards my goal.

How many bees have gone extinct? Over 6,000,000,000 bees have gone extinct since 2006 of colony collapse disorder

How many days does it take for a queen bee to merge from her cell? 16 days

How many worker bees are in a hive? About 6,000

How long does it take for a bee to hatch? 21 days

How long does it take for a baby queen to fly away for its unique nuptial? 3 to 6 days

How many bees does it take to pollinate a fruit? It takes about 24 bees to pollinate a seedless watermelon.

How many pounds of honey can a single colony produce? One single colony can produce more than 100 pounds of honey.

How many bees are in a hive? Around 25,000 30,000

How many species of honey bees are there? 16

How many stomachs do bees have? 2

How many days does it take for a drone to merge from its cell? 24 days

How many sets of wings do honey bees have? 2 sets

How many miles can a honey bee fly up to for nectar and pollen? 2 miles

What degrees will a honey bee go out to collet pollen and nectar? 55 degrees

How much pH does honey have? Approximate pH of 3.9

How many times does a honey bee's wings flap per minute? 11,000 times

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