I feel good about this year because I learned a lot more than excepted and the groups I had throughout the year helped me a lot too. And I felt like I worked hard and tried my best. I learned a lot about Judiasm and I couldn't have made it this far without my friends. Even though we talk a lot they have helped me through out the year. SO I really thank my friends.

I think the most important thing I learned about was the bombing in 1963. I thought that was important because so many people died and I thought it was so sad for all the people that died. When I first heard about I felt really bad. I learned a lot about histroy. Like Romans, Judiasm, Rabbis, and lots of other stuff.

My favorite activity was the election because I worked really hard on the speech for the vice president and me and my group worked really hard on the advertisements and writing. I thought we did a really good job and I had lots of fun. We were the green party and I thought we made lots of progress. It took me a long time to write my speech. I even had to start over once. So this was my favorite activity.

I think my individual goal is to not get frustrated when I don’t understand a question. Sometimes I don't get a question and I get a little mad. But I havn't done that in a while. My friends has helped me with the problems. I wouldn't vbe this far without them.

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