Reader's Workshop
Writer's Workshop

Language Arts:
I have improved my writing this year by improving my score on criterion. I did this by learning "Fitzsay" no-nos and yeses, exploring the way a computer grades and practice. Another way I have improved would be usage of more advanced Vocabulary. The third way that I have improved would be even though I still resist writing, I am becoming less and less resistaint to writing.

I have improved in reading this year by comprending what I read more. I also am able to remember more details of what I read for a longer duration of time after I read the book. R and E's have helped strech my memory by making me use information from the book three weeks after reading it.

I feel proud about my laungue arts experience this year. I think I did a good job at my assignments such as my narrative and R&E's.I feel I have learned a lot this year in language arts.

My overall individual goal for this class is to use some of the classic books I've read in my writing. I have read many classic books such as To Kill a Mockingbird, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, War and Peace, Great Expectations,and The Hobbit. These books have many great examples, ideas, and symbols. It would be great if I could use an idea from one of these books in future in non-expository writing or refer to a book in Expository writing.

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