This challenge is not for science in particular but I am a procrastinator. I tend to wait for the last second to do things. I often turn in assignments late bacause I cannot get them done in the little time I leave myself to deal with.
I am trying to use my planner more and set a homework schedule. For example: Math then language arts then social studies then science then whatever else.

My favorite activity in science would definatly be gravity crusers.It was very fun. We (toys today) got second place in our class. I learned alot in that unit.
My overall individual goal for this class would just be to turn in all my work on time. The work would be complete. I want to do well in science and do the best that I can do.

I would like to share a short science jeopardy with my parents that covers all the units we have done so far. I think my parents will enjoy this activity.

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