Social Studies:
I feel confident about my learning journey in social studies. I have learned a lot about Mesopotamia, Egypt, Kush and Judaism. The Social studies curriculum has enlightened me a lot. It has also been fun doing the election project.

I learned that the ancient Mesopotamians were the first to use a plow. They were one of the first civilizations. “Mesopotamia” means “the land between two rivers”. I learned that Egypt had woman Pharaohs.

My favorite social studies Activity would defiantly be the Election unit. It was project based and so fun! I felt that I accomplished a lot in this unit. I wrote two candidate briefing papers made a poster on glogster and helped with the presentation board.

My overall individual goal for this class would just be to turn in all my work on time. The work would be complete. I want to do well in social studies and do my best.

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