The Watsons Go To Birmingham -1963
by Charisse
The Watsons go to Birmingham-1963 by Christopher Paul Curis is an exciting novel. The Watsons are often called the “Weird Watsons” (page 17) Kenny tells the story and Joetta is the protective, loving little cry baby in the family. Byron is the god of their school because he is a bully he also stole food, played with matches in the house and tortured children. When Byron got his hair straightened his parents decide enough is enough and plan to go to Birmingham, Alabama hoping Grandma Sands can teach him to behave. At Alabama Byron does start to get kinder and care more so when Kenny almost gets drowned in a whirl pool Byron is there to save him. On Sunday Joetta goes to Sunday school and while she is there the church gets bombed. Kenny goes to the church, but he is still shaken from almost drowning so he is not certain about what is happening around him. The day after the bombing the Watsons leave Birmingham because they are scared of whoever did the bombing. At home Kenny tries to seclude himself from life by staying behind the couch finally one day Byron discovers him and takes him to the bathroom and has a chat with him to make him feel happy.

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