By: Charisse

As we got out of the car my mom brought me to the side of the sidewalk and whispered in my ear “Pandora, please don’t destroy stuff or injure people. I really don’t know where I’ll send you if you get suspended again.” I nodded and when we walked up the steps I silently promised myself that I wouldn’t do anything bad in the first week-I didn’t like to get of to a bad start with this new school.

I waited in the office for my mom to sign me in. Actually, I didn’t wait. I went to my classroom then decided to go explore the school because school hadn’t started yet. I found some stairs leading up and with a quick glance at the clock; it was only 7:46 I went upstairs.

As I approached the door I hear some machines from behind the doors. Inside I quickly sat down in a corner. I read some of the labels on the machines there was two water haters on my right and an air conditioning machine in front of me. It was so scary and it felt like some janitor would come around the corner any second. I took a deep breath and told myself to suck it up, then stood up and started walking around.

I heard a loud creak and gasped. See, bad things happen to me on field trips. This wasn’t a field trip, but it was so much like the trip I had to years ago, when we were at a wastewater treatment plant and there was an incident with the sludge machine. I wasn’t the sludge at my teacher’s eyes, but still I got suspended. And before that, at my third-grade school, when we took a behind-the-scenes tour of the Titusville Aquarium, I sort of hit the wrong lever on the catwalk across the shark pool and our class took an unexpected swim. And the time before that… well, you get the idea.

There was a water heater, a regular heater and at least 30 pipes. The pipes said stuff like hot water supply®, cold water return®, cold water supply®, or hot water return®. I went around the corner. There was a bunch of boxes when I looked inside there was air filters. I was just about to close the boxes when my hand bushed something that hurt. I had gotten a small paper cut from…reaching back in the box I found a stack of papers tucked between the filters. They were notes on spells! I put them in my jacket to decipher later.

I quickly headed downstairs before my mom got crazy looking for me. There was nothing to be scared of up there. Math is first. Yeah, I thought sarcastically, I get to do a whole hour doing math. After that comes language arts, etc. School was so boring. I wanted to skip class or something, but I promised my mom I wouldn’t do anything bad for the first day.

At lunch, I overheard some girls talking about the school being haunted, and one of the girl’s sharpener had disappeared off he desk, right in front of her eyes.I thought about the mechanical room. I would investigate more tomorrow. I now had a mission: I would find out about what was haunting this place and make whatever it was stop. Maybe then they would be so thankful that I stopped the haunting that they would overlook anything else bad I might do then I could make real friends, ones that didn’t disappear from my life a few months after I meet them.

At home I went straight to my room and pulled out the spells. There were spells for transporting things, materializing, Invisibility etc. These were wizard spells. You could tell by the spiky handwriting. I had a friend in 1st grade that was one and he told me all about wizardry he eventually got me kicked out of that school but apologized afterwards saying something about being forced.

The next day I skipped all my morning classes and went up to the mechanical room. For a while nothing happened, but then I heard someone talking. I held my breath and hoped whomever or whatever it was wouldn’t see me. There was more than one voice. They said something like this.“I took one kid’s entire lunch box. And the other voice said, “Yeah, I didn’t think about taking the whole lunch, I just took some food. The other said, “Well, I took one girl’s pencil sharpener.”“What do you think we could do today? We need a plan so we don’t mess up each other’s tricks.”“Can I be on lunch duty?”“Sure, I’ll jam a couple of kid’s lockers. Maybe Numbers 504,529,674,694,836, 964”
"That should be fun enough we don't want to over do it"

I held my breath as they turned the corner the boys I mean wizards were very tall and thin. Then I threw my pocket knifes at them without even thinking. Two hit the first wizard's left arm, One hit the second wizard's shoulder and the forth went sailing in to the heater. I ran downstairs and went straight to lunch. I got called down to the office 30 minutes later. My mom was there and so were the two boys. The principal looked straight at me and said "Pandora, you are suspended and you will have to pay for Alex and Eric's heath bill and the price to get a new heater. Go." I really wanted to yell that they were the haunters and wizards but who would believe me?
All I earned from the Car washes and babysitting I did ended up going to buying an apartment in Ohio--where none would know me, ready to mess up all over again.

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