It was the day. My adrenaline was pumping and my heart was pounding. It was the day of 2012 swimming A finals. I was so excited, but then so nervous. The pool is a very important place to me. I will go there day or night, summer or winter. I swim all year. It was the first day. I was swimming backstroke and freestyle. My backstroke event was number 1, so I was going to be in the group that swam first.

It was time for me to go up to the blocks. My best friend Kelsey, went before me and came out of the watter, dripping and breathing heavily. "Good Job!" I said. She walked away with a big smile on her face saying, "Thanks Claire!" I could hear my heart beating. Once the official, the man with the white outfit said "Step in the water." I hopped in. My goggles were tight and my swim cap was plastered onto my forehead. "Place your hands and feet. Take your mark." The official said. "Bang," The gunshot fired. As the gun fired I quickly went into streamline. My head and my hands suddenly felt the cool blue icy water as I dove under and did four butterfly kicks. I came up to the surface and my feet were acting like motors, I kicked furiously. My hands were pulling the water out of my way. In my head, I was thinking lots of things, "Will I win? Will I lose? What will happen?" I heard my friends on the sidelines screaming and cheering for me. I was smiling inside at the sight of those people cheering. I turned for my flip turn, took a stroke and pushed off on my back underwater. I kept swimming and swimming and didn't stop. I felt as if I could actually have a shot at placing and getting a ribbon. My adrenaline was still pumping through my veins. My legs felt sore, but I still kept going. I was close to finishing and I saw the bright blue and white flags. My hand hit the wall and I was finished. Breathing heavily, I went up to one of the timers and asked him, "What was my time?" He said "37.63" I dropped three seconds off my normal time before A finals and then, I walked away with a smile on my face.

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