Claire's Camp Michondoh Page

1. What was your favorite activity & why?

My favorite activity was canoeing because it was so fun in the rain and the water was actually warm. I learned how to paddle the proper way and I also liked how my friends and I were next to each other while we were canoeing. We found some cool things there too!

2. What was one challenge you faced & how did you overcome it?

One challenged that I faced was doing shelter building and my group was not agreeing on everything. This challenge was hard and was not easy to do. I overcame that challenge by working with my team and getting the supplies I needed to build the shelter.

3. How well did your team work together?

Our team worked great together! At some points, we were arguing, but not that much. Our team also needed to work more, like there were a lot of people setting up the shelter and there were a little amount of people getting the supplies we needed for the shelter. There should be more people collecting the items because some were heavy.

4. What does a good team look like?

A good team looks like, being friendly to your team mates, not arguing and not complaining to each other. Also a good team looks like working with each other and not being mean to your team mates. Every team should look like this.

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