Claire's Language Arts

Student led-confrences questions- Language Arts

1) List and explain three ways that you have improved your writing from the beginning of the year to now….. Three ways that I have improved my writing from the start of the year to the end of the year is 1. My handwriting is neater. 2. How I write is more clear and understanding 3. I understand all of the concepts to writing now. These are three ways that I have improved my writing this year.

2)How has your reading improved this year? Explain. My reading has improved this year by, reading harder books and challenging myself on different types of books. I feel like I have gotten better at reading since the start of the year. Also, I have improved my reading by reading longer books. I want to improve more and more, so I will challenge myself this year. This is how I have improved my reading.

3)How do you feel about your language arts experience overall this year? L.A. is my favorite subject and I really love to write for fun, and in this class. The experience has taught me so much and I like how there is a little challenge to. I always love to write stories. Also, this is the only class where I can be creative with my writing. This is how I feel about language arts.

4)What is your overall individual goal for this class? My goal in this class is to be a better reader, and I would like to start reading a lot more often and would like to try to read harder books than I already read. I want to give myself a bigger challenge. I want to read longer books this year also. I would read more books and would read every day or every week. This is my goal for the class.

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