Claire's Math

Math test Reflection
What are you most proud of in math in quarter 2-why?
I am most proud of how much I have achieved this year because I have learned a lot more math, than in quarter one.

What strategies have you started using in quarter 2 that have helped you become a better mathematician?
I have started to do more IXL each week, to practice my skills and become a better mathemetition.

What are your math goals for quarter 3? How are you going to achieve them?
My math goal for quarter three is to ace ALL of my math goals. I am acheiving them by practicing more IXL and practicing the problems that I got wrong.

Answer the following questions with a minimum of 3 sentences
In what ways do you think you have grown as a math student so far this year?
I think I have grown a lot this year. I have grown by fixing my problems and learning my mistakes. I work hard to get the problems right. This is how I have grown as a math math student so far this year.
What do you enjoy about math?
I enjoy that we always have challenges. I work hard to solve all the problems. This is what I enjoy about math.
What strategies do you use to overcome your challenges in math?
If I get a problem wrong I usually practice the problem over and over until I get it right. I do IXL also to practice the problems. These are the strategies that I use to overcome challenges in math.
What are your goals in math for the rest of the year?
My goals for math are to ace the rest of my mixed quizzes. I would like to continue to get good grades in math and get good scores on my Mth tests. This is my goals for the rest of the year.

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