Narrative Opposite Gender

As I wake up, I hear the birds singing Christmas carols. I rubbed my itchy eyes and thought to myself. It’s already Christmas? Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “I’ll answer it!” I yelled to mother as I ran to the door. “Hello?” I said in a squeaky but firm voice. “We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy!” I shut the door before they could finish. It’s not even Christmas. Christmas is tomorrow. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of bread. I dipped it in olive oil while my mother said. “Hey honey, was that the Hudsons singing at the door the again?” The Hudsons are these “nice” people who get addicted to singing on holidays. ” Ya,” I said to mother as I shoved another piece of bread down my mouth. “Sweetheart you have got to quit eating so many pieces of bread in the morning” Mother said as she put the Home-Pride bread in the cabinet. “Ok.” I said sarcastically. I walked up to my room and looked at my tiger baseball cards. Anibal Sanchez is not doing so great at pitching in the playoffs.

My name is Jack Larian. I am 12 years old and my heart is in baseball. It won’t ever let go. I have orange hair and black eyes. I live in Shelby Township. My best friend’s name is Cody Christian and we are hanging out together. Cody and I will always be best friends. He tells me everything. Cody has black hair, pale skin and brown eyes. He moved from Japan and now lives in Shelby Township. We have a really close relationship. We are practically family. It all started when he moved. My mom met his mom at the grocery store while she was picking up sausages and they started to chat. Chat and chat!!! Finally they separated and called each other. My mom and Cody’s Mom wanted Cody and I meet each other. So Cody came over and I met him. Turns out he is really nice. We became best friends instantly. Today he came over again. Cody and I were in my room looking at my baseball trophies when he told me he is really annoyed by this girl at our school named Amanda Noel. She is in love with Cody. Amanda has really curly blond hair and clear blue lake water eyes. Amanda wears rosy red lipstick and she always comes up to him. She twirls her blond curly hair and gives him a big girl smile with her red lipstick. Amanda is the most popular girl in Country Day School. What Cody and I hate about her is that she hates everyone except for her backup girls and Cody. She sways back and forth into people and their lockers. It is just so frustrating. Amanda hates me. I am pretty much her enemy. She will say “Hi Cody” and blush but when she sees me she gives me the evil eye and struts away. “ Okay Cody let’s stop talking about this and do something else.”

“Hey Cody! I have an idea. Do you want to go outside and play baseball with Henry?” I asked. Henry is my 10 year old brother who loves baseball like me. He has red curly hair and he has blue eyes. “Sure.” Cody said. “Ok, let’s get Henry.” As I searched the house for Henry the smell of food filled the air. “What are you cooking mother?” I asked with my mouth drooling because of the smell. “Oh it is just pot roast”. Mother said as she kept on stirring. “Can I have some?” “Sure” mother said as she passed a bowl of pot roast to me with a spoon. When I tried it, it disappeared into my mouth. “Ok Cody, do you want to find Henry play baseball outside now?” “Ok.” “HENRY COME DOWNSTAIRS PLEASE!” I screamed as I put my new Zig Techs on and headed out the door. He came running down the stairs and gave me a confused look. “What is the problem?” He said. “Will you go and play with Cody and I in the backyard?” “Who is Cody?” “You know tall, black hair, my best friend”. “Sorry Jack, I don’t know him.” “Oh, I left out one little detail about him. He has short term memory loss. He was just born that way. I honestly don’t know why. “Ok Henry, you can meet him.” I said while sighing. We got outside. “Jack where is the bat?” Cody asked with a bunch of curiosity. “We will find it.” I said as I started looking around. Sometimes it is hard to find certain things because of our oddly shaped backyard or Abby(Our pugg). Our backyard has sort of a V-shaped figure with lots of shrubbs and a garden. We have so many acres of grass(land) in our yard.My family and I have a backyard which has lots of land then another house so basically we share a backyard wit hother people we don't even slightly know. “Aha” Cody said as he grabbed it from the bushes. “Something is attached to it!” Cody said while gripping and tugging it. “Well let’s see what it is”. I exclaimed as I grabbed the figure. “Abby!” I screamed as we got it out of her mouth. “Bad dog. Bad dog.” She pouted and walked away. Abby is a pug. She is brown with black near her snout. She is not big and barks a lot. “Well shall we get to pitching and batting?” Henry said in a British accent. “Sure." Just as Cody was about to pitch a perfect throw mother said, “Cody, Henry, Jack come in”. “Cody and Jack, we have some bad news”. “Cody is moving to Wetherby Street. “It is still in Shelby Town Ship though”. “No!” I screamed as anger was traveling through my veins and reaching my face to make it bright red. I crunched up my fists to try not to freak out. I was so mad. “Mother! Why didn’t you tell me before!” “I didn’t think you would freak out like this” Mother said embarrassed. Cody “was” my neighbor until now. “Well you can still see his house”. Mother said with a big fake smile. Mother always fakes smiles. She thinks we don't know that we don't know that she fakes it. Mother has Straight long black hair with brown highlights. She has green eyes and mom is very tall. “Ok”. That made me feel a lot better. “Get in the car.” After ten minutes of crying from my new three-month old sister, Lily, we arrived. It was beautiful. Suddenly all of the anger that I had fell from my body. The house had crystals engaged all over the outside of the house. It had a pretty porch with fat crystal poles to keep the structure up. The color was a white bleachy color. It had Latin bricks planted on the outside. I wanted to live there. “This is nothing compared to my house.” My house is not good. I say we should move but mother says it is “still beautiful”. I have lived in this crummy thing for twelve whole years. It is a small house with brown bricks craved into the walls. It has two pieces of a broken chimney. Junk always falls down it and in the morning we end up getting junk in our fireplace. That is not a pretty look. My house has only two windows, and old white back door, and we only have one TV. We get bored out of our minds all day. My older brother Harris hogs the TV all day. He sits there and watches The Tigers. Harris is eighteen. He goes to college but whenever he is home he watches The Tigers and even on a little TV in his dorm. I am not going to be like him when I grow up. Sometimes I watch with him but then I get bored. I know I am die-heart for baseball but I watch it so much it is BORING! Mother keeps saying, ” Go outside. Go outside.” She even tells Harris to get off the couch. This is what he says every time. “Five more minutes.” It gets annoying. We don’t even have a play set. It is just a slide.

I started thinking about Cody moving again. I was sad. Cody's house thoughts disappeared. I don't know how I thought of this but I thought of my dad having a fight with mother. I was three and they thought I wasn't listening so they yelled and yelled at eachother. I was listening. I don't clearly remember what they were saying but these are the only words I remember clearly. "WHO IS GOING TO TAKE CARE OF HIM?" My mom screamed. This is how my dad replied. "I DON'T KNOW!" Those are the last words he said. Dadwalked out of the house and I have never seen him since this day. Then while I was in the middle of thinking I heard my mother say, “We don’t have time to go inside honey.” Henry, Lily and I got in the car. Everyone got buckled while I put Lily in her car seat. While I was trying to buckle her she started kicking and it actually hurt. “Lily, don’t kick.” I said as I was trying to be patient but she could tell I wasn’t so she kept on kicking. Finally, I succeeded to buckle her and got into my seat. After it felt like hours, we finally got back to our house. “It is really late”. Mother said as she got out of the car, got lily out, brought her to her room and started changing her into her pacifier PJ’s.

“Henry, get your Lego pajama’s on and Jack get your striped pants on with a plain t-shirt.” “After you sweethearts finish getting your PJ’s on, brush your teeth and get into bed. Lights out by 8:30 Henry and Jack.”

“Mother, I know the drill.” I said as I changed into my pajamas, brushed my teeth and got into bed. I flicked the lights off, turned on my fan, turned on Party Rock Anthem and muttered to my self “It’s Christmas tomorrow”. Suddenly my eyes got heavy. They closed. Good night.

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