Small Moment:


Once my family and I arrived outside of the airport we saw our cousins. We were sitting on our suitcases outside of the entrance to the airport. It was all smoky and smelled disgusting. They were gratified to see us. They tried to jump out of the car when it was moving. My Uncle said to my cousins Colin and Seamus,"You guys wait in the car while I get everyone". He said as he slightly shut the door. They would not wait. As they wrestled to see who could get out first I opened the door. Colin and Seamus both came tumbling down on me. I said" Colin,Seamus you guys are here. They nodded a yes as they struggled to get back to their feet. "How about we go back to show you our house" My Aunt Karen exclaimed. We all nodded in agreement as we were getting into the car. We drove and drove. It seemed like hours in the car until we finally got there. We parked in their garage. As I was getting out I discovered really cool surfboards. You surf? I ask curiously. "Yes, We all do". Oh. Well who wants to go to Kailua Beach? My dad asked. Me,Me,Me,Me everyone responded loudly. Then get your bathing suits on. Wait, dad what about our suitcases? Who cares. Get your bathing suits out with your goggles and other gear you want to bring to swim. "okay". All of my cousins, my sister and I trampled each other to get up the stairs. In less than a minute we all came rushing downstairs with all of our gear on or in our bags. As we got in the car and started driving it seemed like hours. My brother was singing in a high pitched chipmunk voice the whole ride there. Finally when we got there I got really excited because I could see the humongous waves coming out onto the shore. "last one to the beach is a rotten egg"! My sister exclaimed as she sped down to the shore. My brother Matthew followed after her. He runs with his head down to the ground. He couldn't see where he was going so he crashed into a rock. My cousin Seamus said "Are you okay Matt?" "I am fine" Matthew said as he let out a little laugh. As Seamus helped Matthew up and they started running, Colin exclaimed " Wait up Guys" he said as he ran to catch up with Mattthew and Seamus. By the time they got to touch the water i was already in swimming. "Whee" I said as I jumped in another wave. Everyone else jumped in with me. We were all cracking up even before we got pushed onto the shore. I had an idea. You guys"How about we get our boogie boards and jump in on those" I suggested, Ya that is a good idea. So we went to get our boogie boards and tried on those. It was the most fun I've ever had in my life swimming. A couple times after I dove in I tried going under the waves. It was awesome. I felt the cold water on my face. It relaxed my soul. Being under the waves felt like taking a nice cold shower for twenty minutes. My sister and I met this nice girl. Her name was Olivia. At the time she was the same age as my sister. She was 11 years old. We were all sitting on our boogie boards talking and suddenly came a really big wave. It went like a little less than a block above us. As we got pulled under I opened my eyes and saw Olivia waving to me. I waved back and the wave seemed like it was picking up Olivia and I and dropping us off at land. After a couple of hours My dad yelled "Kids, Time to go". Everyone was sad. "It was so fun being in the waves here in Hawaii" I said as I was getting on my towel. "Then lets make it a memory" My mom exclaimed as she got out her camera. Say Cheese! Cheese! We all said. Now it was time to leave. I got in the car and everyone else did too. "I will never forget this place" I said as we drove away.

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