Claudia's Camp Michindoh

  • What was your favorite activity & why?

  • My favorite activity were the Creepy Crawlers, the Reptiles And Amphibians, And Canoeing. I liked The Reptiles And Amphibians because I loved holding all of the animals. I can't choose my favorite because they are all so nice. I loved it because it wouldn't be everyday you get to hold a snake or a bearded dragon. I was lucky to even touch them but instead I got to hold all of them. The Creepy Crawlers were awesome. I got to hold a Tarantula! It was really fun because I got to hold crawling animals but different kinds. I even saw a Hermit Crab come out of it's shell. I love Canoeing too because My partner Nikki and I got to look for turtles while we were canoeing and we got a whole hour to Canoe together. I loved it even more because I am really good friends with Nikki and we love having fun together.

  • What was one challenge you faced & how did you overcome it?

  • I climbed the hardest climbing wall. It was hard at the top because there were no grips that you could hold on to and it curved back. My goal was to get to the top and I accomplished it. I wouldn't have made it if all my friends weren't there cheering me on. That made me feel happy. After they cheered me I was determined to do it. It turned out that I got to the top and raing the bell.

How well did your team work together?
  • We worked really well on LCC because we worked together and we communicated. For example, We had to moved these skis all the way to the endpoint. Your feet had to stay on the ski and so did your body. We made a pattern "Left"Right" and keeps on going. At last we finished and got to the endpoint.

What does a good team look like? A good team communicates and works together and most importantly has fun.

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