• What have you found challenging about science this year?
I found The partners challenging because some of them did not work. If they do not do their job at home or at school than the whole group would get the blame. We would not get a good grade on the project. They would ruin the project for the other group members. Some people aren't cooperative either.
What have you done to overcome these challenges?
I have tried to overcome these challenges by telling the person that they need to work and be part of the group. They will have extra homework for the project and all of us would not get a good grade.That person would ruin the project for us if they did not to their job. We would all have to do a job at home includng him or her. If they were sick we would understand.
  • What has been your favorite activity in science this year?
My favorite activity was the body system unit. I liked this unit because you get to learn all the 8 body systems inside of you and how they work. It was cool that all of those things that we learned about are inside of you making you function and etc. I also liked that drawing and writing was involved in the the body systems unit. It is a cool unit to learn about.
  • What is your personal goal in science for the rest of the school year? Why?
My personal goal is to do do good on tests. I want to do good on my tests so I can get a good grade. I will study hard for them and I might do good if I study thoroughly with my parents at home.Then maybe I might remember everything. I chose this goal because I want to ace all of the tests.
  • What science activity would you like to share with your parents and why?

I want to share my body book with them. I want to share it with them because I want to show them how cool body systems can be. I would show them how many body systems there are in our bodies functioning right now. There is the Skeletal, Muscular etc. I want to show my parents that is it actually really cool inside your body.


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