• How do you feel you have grown as a learner from your honey bee (DPC) experience?

I feel I have grown a lot into knowing about honey bees. I have also learned about CCD and I am a bee keeper so I keep the bees.
I learn a lot about them when I am at the hives. I am going to go soon to the hives and keep the bees. I am going to go out with all the bee keepers.
  • Did your group work well together? Why or why not?

Yes our group worked very well together. Ava and I were working on flyers together. All of the girl bee keepers were making a presentation on Mrs.brown's laptop. Camille was mostly doing it though because she was going to the presentation. She wanted to help so she could get used to what pictures the presentation was showing.
  • What has been your favorite part of this challenge

My favorite part is going to be working with the bees in the spring. I love bees. They are so cute and honey bees won't sting unless they are scared. I will go out to the hives with the bee keepers and keep the bees. We will study what is killing the bees other than CCD.
  • What is your overall individual goal for this class?

My individual goal for this class is to search up bees and health. I want to achieve finding a lot of info about honey bees and health. Mrs.Brown assigned this to the bee keepers because we had nothing to do. I am working on this with all of the bee keepers. I was working on a flyer but then it did not turn out well.

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