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Issue: When there are no open seats at a barbecue, this seat is both a seat and a cooler so it is functional and comfortable.

Target Customers: People who have barbecues with limited seating and coolers.

One Page Flyer

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Work Log:
1st Monday:

Today we will draw a sketch of our plan and work on the wiki page. We will decide what materials to use and how we want to go about the project.

2nd Monday:

Today we will begin sanding the seat bottom. The legs were painted red and attached at home.
Photo on 5-6-13 at 1.32 PM #2.jpg
Photo on 5-6-13 at 1.32 PM #3.jpg

3rd Monday:

Today we forgot the materials for the wiki seat. We will do a little more sanding today and think about how we can make out chair better. We will also look around on eBay for a cheap vintage bottle opener to attach to the chair.


4th Monday:

Over the weekend, we bought wood at the Home Depot. The man cut the wood for us there into 4 pieces of 4" by 16" and two 16" by 16". We will put the pieces together, but not actually fasten them together. We will work at Cameron's house on Wednesday. We will discuss how we can make the chair more sturdy and functional.

Work at Cameron's House:

We will spray paint the rest of the wood and decorate the pieces with boxes and Coke labels. We had a design change; instead of creating a box with the cooler inside, the cooler will be inside of the chair legs and a regular seat will be on top. The seat will have armrests and a backrest. We will not assemble the char yet, but will next visit.

*We did not get any pictures today. I will explain what we did. First, we painted all of the nesscary parts with spray paint. Next we glued labels from bottles to the back of the chair. We covered the rest of the seat back with boxes. We did not screw anything together.*

Second Visit to Cameron's House:

Today we will put the chair together and probably finish. We need to attach the seat back and armrests. It might be hard to make the seat back stable without making it too big. We also need to attach the bottle caps to the seat back and armrests. We need to figure out how to attach the cooler to the bottom of the seat.

Drilling_Wiki_seat-BRI1.jpeg Glueing_Bottle_Caps_BRI1.jpeg Wiki_Seat_Partially_Finished_BRI1.jpeg

5th Monday:

Today we just need to add a few finishing touches to out seat. First we need to re-glue them bottle caps with hot glue because the other glue wasn't working. We also need to add a Coca-Cola decal to the armrests. We will add a bottle opener on Wednesday.


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