• What was your favorite activity & why? My favorite activity was climbing the rock wall because I got to the top and that was my goal. It was challenging because the foot holes were small, making it harder to reach the top. Also, I liked it because I did it faster than most of the people in my group. I liked it at the end because everybody cheered for me.
  • What was one challenge you faced & How did you overcome it? A challenge that I faced was holding in a giggle when a tarantula was walking on me. It tickled because the feet are furry and sticky. I over came it by thinking it will go crazy if you giggle.
  • How well did your team work together? My team worked together most of the time. Sometimes we didn't listen to each other as much as we should have. When we listened to each other's ideas we were very successful.
  • What does a good team look like? A team looks like lot of people who work together. Also they communicate very well. Then if that idea does't work after more than 1 try they go to a different idea.

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