Cole H the The Watsons go to Birmingham 1963
The Watsons go to Birmingham 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis has many literary symbols. This amazing story takes place in two places which are Flint Michigan and Birmingham Alabama. At first the Watsons live in Flint but over a series of events Momma and Dad make the decision to take Byron to Grandma Sans, who is apparently the meanest person on earth. Kenny ( who is the main charter that is very smart) thinks this is the best thing ever because Byron is the meanest person in the world to him. Joey (Kenny's annoying little sister) is very sad because she loves Byron more than anyone in her family. Momma (who likes to worry a lot) is neutral about this because she doesn't want to deal with Byron but will miss him to. Dad is (who is nice, funny and weird) is the same as Momma. But it was the only option left.
Setting is a big factor in The Watsons go to Birmingham 1963 because they moved from the freezing Flint Michigan to steaming hot Birmingham Alabama! Kenny, Joey and Byron all couldn't sleep in the first night in Alabama due to the weather. This tells me that it is very very hot in Birmingham Alabama. I learned this by both the charters saying it and the authors description. The setting helps me understand Momma because when they first arrived in Alabama she honked the horn like an idiot saying " We're home babiesp We're home."
Conflict is a major role in The Watsons go to Birmingham 1963 from church bombing to stealing gloves. The major conflict is the church bombing of 1963 because that is a Joeys church. Thankfully Joey got out of the church because she saw a image of Kenny. This makes me think why did Joey see a image of Kenny? Some minor conflicts are Byron tells Kenny and Joey that there frozen souther folks frozen on the street and that a other types of garbage trucks pick them up. Kenny believed it due to gullible ness Joey is who is 6 years old will believe anything. This shows some of Kenny and Byron's personality. With Byron it shows that he is sneaky and with Kenny it showed that he is gullible. I think all these are conflict because all of them involve the charters in a big way.
Point of view is a big part of The Watsons go to Birmingham 1963 in many ways. In one way Kenny who tells the story in first person, is always in the big seen. For example when the church blows up Kenny goes in the blown up church or when Larry Dun takes Kenny's glove Kenny is there for part of the beating. This effects the reader by having to know Kenny's personality because if you don't you wouldn't the hole book would be a blur. Christopher Paul Curtis gives many points like if Byron told the book it would be totally different. So there you go why point of view is a big part of The Watsons go to Birmingham 1963.

I think Christofer Paul Curtis wrote this book to entertain, inform about the bombing and to make some money. These are all are great reason to make a book. As you can see conflict, setting and point of view are all major roles in The Watsons go to Birmingham 1963. Setting has the biggest part in the book along with conflict because the bombing is the biggest part of the book. Point of view is a big part because Kenny is always in the big seen. As you can see this is a amazing book.

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