The Pound

Come up lick, lick walk back. I am in the pound, the worst place to be. I live in a pound and in that pound there are lots of cages one of them is sadly mine. My friends call me Mini because I’m smaller than a Guinea Pig.
Nothing good happens to me like my like my nickname or last week when my best friend Ross, who was in the cage next to me, went somewhere and he never came back. The weird thing was Mack Daddy,the mean owner who has blond hair, tan skin and blue hair, took him instead of a customer.

One day I asked Big Dog if he knew what happenedhe said “No” but Nerd (we call him Nerd because he has eyes that look like glasses) told me what happened; everything went black and I passed out when he said the word “die.”

I woke up huffing and puffing watching my black fur go up and down. I stopped looking at my fur and noticed that I was in a weird placethat looked like a hospital; the doctor said that I’d be ok.

Then we went in this weird big red thingwith seats and wheels. Everything outside was bright so that’s all I could see. Mac Daddy opened the door to the red thing and said, “Get in money burner.”

We started to move nothing felt right! Where are we going? What’s happening? Why am I here instead of the pound? Where are all of the other dogs? He saw I was worried and said “it’s ok were just going back to the pound.” I felt relieved and sighed. We walked back in the front door. I haven’t seen this place since I first came here.

“Oh thank God you’re here Mac!” says the secretary, Linda. “These people are here to see Gracie!” What did she say? Who is Gracie? Mac says, “don’t disappoint me.”

I need to rewind to hear what he said and I noticed that I am Gracie! I am so exited I get put on this brown thing hooked onto my collar! I go outside! The man has blond hair, blue eyes and the tallest thing I’ve ever seen! Another woman’s tan with long brown hair and brown eyes! We went outside and ran around. I nipped at her with excitement. Soon they took the brown thing off of me and threw a neon green ball! He or she threw it and I ran to get it. I think it is called fetch. We came back in and then they said we’d take her. That’s how I, Gracie May Hurley, got out of the pound.

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