Cole H's Small Moment!

I went to a Tigers game. I was more bored than bored gets because the Tigers were getting killed by the stupid Mets the worst team in their league! Finally Migele Crabra hit a home run into the second level! Suddenly I got a amazing feeling about this amazing game. The game went by so quickly then. Before I knew, it it was the bottom of the ninth. Everybody had left the park so I took advantage of that and surprisingly sat in the front row! I sat down and heard "Pitching change - Don Kelly" Everybody cheered but not as loud as I did. As he warmed up he looked pretty good for a outfielder. Suddenly a foul ball came my way! I reached over to grab it but my good glove missed! Ballboy to the rescue! I reached out my mitt for the ball; he slowly put his hand in my tannish brownish mitt and like a hero dropped the ball! I held it up with excitement showing the whole park! A guy asked if he could hold it I said "yes" wondering if I should regret it. He gave me my ball back and I ran up to our seats to show my mom! Now Don Kelly is my Tiger! THE END

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