The Watsons go to Birmingham 1963
By Christopher Paul Curtis

The book The Watsons go to Birmingham 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis has humor racial discrimination and challenges that the Weird Watsons must face are the racial discrimination for the south of the country and of freedom and much more.

One literary device is character, Christopher Paul Curtis reveal the character in what they do because this portrays the characters personality and what they think. A perfect example is Byron he bullies kids and is also very creative with it, and trying to have as much fun with it as he can. There is really one character that is dynamic, Byron. In the beginning of the book he is an immature, vicious, juvenile Delinquent, who likes to tag along with Buphead and do things his parents would not approve of. But some of the flat characters are Joey, Momma, and Daniel, (Dad) just because they change no one in any way shape or form in the book The Watsons Go To Birmingham.

The way a reader would learn the setting in this novel is by the authors depiction is when Christopher Paul Curtis gives the reader a brief description of how hot it is in Birmingham, ‘’The heat made me and Joey feel like we couldn’t wake up.’’ Pg 167 Setting is very important and is not a backdrop because when Kenny sees the dead girls in the church this changes him, to the point where he is hiding behind a couch. Without the bomb going off, there would be no climatic part in Alabama.

The last literary device is Symbolism, one of the symbols is when Kenny goes swimming in Colliers Landing and almost dies from the wool pooh who represents death and destruction, and this is conventional. One other symbol is when Joey gets an angel that is white this disturbs her, the angel represents peace for the non colored people but there was not a colored angel. This is unconventional. The very last example is when Kenny sees the dead little girl their colors represent the American flag, This represents the torn nation and violence that is devouring the once peaceful free country where everyone was equal.

The person who is reading this, the three literary devices are symbolism, setting, and character. These are all connected to the book somehow, therefore this concludes this essay of the Watsons Go To Birmingham 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis.

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