The medicinal values were treasured in the ancient times and are commonly used today for tooth decay, diarrhea, wound infections, and even ear infections where you pour honey into the ear. The high amount of honey kills bacteria and fungi by drawing water from their cells. Some of the the bolgan army had many casualties so they went to a nearby village and took all the honey. Then from there applied the honey to the wounded that were most hurt, then the next day the men who did not have the honey died, the men who did not have the honey applied to the wounds died.

Nucleus: Is a smaller colony of bees has a queen bee that have come during winter and when spring comes that small colony will be ready to sell. The three positive things about having a Nuc 1: Another positive of a Nuc colony is it can be used to split the population of one hive into another colony. The next positive is only takes six-eight weeks to have enough strength to gather enough honey with package bees it takes 10-12 weeks before they can gather some honey. The last advantage is, The Last advantage (although there are many advantages) There should be no bee decline in the population of the bees as there would be with package bees. The three disadvantages are, 1: The Nuc colony may carry diseases this might kill almost all of your bees such as the American Foul Brood. 2: The Nuc’s queen may be old and that means that it might die fairly quickly. The third disadvantage is the equipment might have to be replaced, caution the price might be very expensive and or hard to find. 3: If you’re trying to sell the honey that the bees produce the total time will be one year. So if you’re trying to get fast money. That would be out of the question.

Info from : Why Every Bee Keeper Should Have A Nuc

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