Green Party Speech
My name is Claire Riddell, and I am running for Green Party President. I will help this country by helping the economy, education and the environment. I will help the economy by lowering taxes and helping raise funds for money. I will also help the economy by making more jobs especially in the auto industry. I will not keep on asking other countries for tools, because we are capable of making them for, which will create more jobs for Americans.

I will make our country better by making the education for all students better. I will build more schools and get better teachers and make sure all schools get enough money to buy more learning tools. Taxes are very high at this rate, and I will lower the taxes, so they are affordable to all home owners. Quality educations are needed to get a job. Everybody needs a chance to get in to a school and get a job and live and not everybody has a chance to do that so I will change that. By making jobs more affordable and schools more efficient. I will also help the environment because if we do not have clean environment to live in then the education and economy are just too small of a problem to deal with.

The United States is predominantly fossil fuel based. Over the past 100 years, the world has depended on oil, coal and natural gas. Fossil fuel is harmful to the environment, which means that an alternative energy source is what needs to be implemented for the well being of our nation. With me as your Green Party President, I will make this my number one priority. Additionally, we need to make recycling is made accessible and convenient for all home owner so global warming continues to decline . We believe that everyone should be able to live in a clean environment. Another one of our greatest problems is water. More than one billion of the people across the world do not have access to this valuable resource. I will produce more clean and safe water to use by our American population. I believe that we can make our country better. I am confident we can change the economy environment and the education. I will make the chance of global warming lower and make our world safer for our kids.

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