As the gleaming chrome cage door was closed, it left a cool feeling after I had let it go. This sent chills down my back like a wave of ice, extinguishing the feeling of being afraid that Poof of fluffiness would urinate on my icy cold hands. His streaks of cement grey and vanilla bean patches of fur disappeared as the poof retreated to his light chocolate brown tinder house. The haze from the moon illuminated the house that was a creamy, milky color.
As I went into the nineteen seventy style kitchen, I winced and looked into the dark part of the kitchen. Something was very wrong. The darkness seemed to be staring into my face. Suddenly, a painful pins and needles feeling ran through my bony fingers. It felt like lightning has just hit me. I knew something was not right, but then the same thing happened. As the moon rose, so did the tension. My mom screamed like a rusty train wheel, "Cole! The hamsters out of the cage!" Me and my mom ran to the hamsters cage. In terror, we stared at the cage like the way people react when someone is in a dangerous situation. The hamster had somehow bit through the icy cold metal bars!

There was a shrill scream that seemed to have come from the bathroom. We both ran like police men running to a murder crime scene! I ran in before my mom and saw the poof go through the shiny vanilla tiling. The lights beamed on me and hot tears ran down my fire hot face with, despair and rage. But then we both remembered that there was a dull, white door. The height was no bigger than a ruler. My mom and I ran into the cramped office which was overflowing with documents. We opened the small door and started screaming his name. The seconds that passed felt like minutes, than hours! But then a rainbow of joy had come, and crawling out of the yellow moldy plaster was the poof or who I call Hudini. My mom shoved her arms into the crevice and grabbed him,clenching him in her cupped hands.

In memory of that Poof 2010-2011

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