"Cheeseburgers, AHHHHHHH!" The Frequent Flyer Flung us around like a bag of potatoes. "You are so crazy Paige!" I screamed. The boat took a sharp turn and the tube that we were on flipped over and Paige and I had no time to react.

We both flew off the tube causing the tube to flip more violently. We rammed into each other and we sank into the water. I panicked, I was still under water. My heart was beating very violently. I swam to the surface only to fide that Paige was right above me. I swam right into her. When I came up above the water, we started lauphing hastericly.

The boat circled around us Sarah, Grace and Lauren cheering us on as we got back onto the tube. We started off as well as any tubing ride. We were headed towered the bay, Paige and I braced our selves for the bumps to come. The first one came and the tube speeded across the wake so fast I thought I would fall of just from that.

We were screaming our heads off. Paige was behind singing randomly. She was on the edge of the tube holding on for dear life. She let go of the handles and she grabbed my legs. "Paige let go of me now!!!!!" I screamed. She flew off and I got off the tube.

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