It was the the last night of the hockey tournament. My team, the rangers are so pumped for the finals. I don't really remember how we got hear but let me think. It all started on a terrible day of school. My first class was language art. We typed our narratives in that class. My second class was math we did a test in there. My third class was tinkering and we did app making. Then we had lunch and after lunch the day was a breeze. Then I went to the hockey rink so our team could play the first game of the tournament.
We warmed up on office then we went to the locker room to get dressed. We got dressed but their was only eight people there we had to start out short handed. We got on the ice and warmed up. Then the puck dropped it was ice going everywhere boom a check there and there we finally got the puck and skated up the ice the we scored first goal of the tournament. We were so happy. I thought this team was going to be a better one but it was pretty bad. We scored goal after goal after a goal then it was the face off in there end we got lined up and Andrew beggs took the face off passed the puck back to me and I scored. We got two more goals and the game was over the score was 7-0. We went home and we went to sleep.
The next morning we had another game we were playing number 10 in the league. We were nerves to play them we got dress, our coach mr. Resnick talked to use about this team how to beat them. We got on the ice and the first thing that I saw was the goalie on the other team he was giant he covered the whole goal. When the puck dropped immediately we got the puck coach Resnick yelled on the top of his lungs dot-Len-drive that was a play that we know that he thought use in practice. The play goes the guy with the puck goes wide to the boards having the defenseman go at him the second guy goes as fast as they can go to the net another defenseman with him then the third guy stays high and waits for a pass then shoots. That was exactly how we did the play and it worked perfectly we shot it hit the pad of the goalie and he save it. After a will we were playing the other team was on a 2 on 1 our defenseman who was back was Kane qulin he tried to stop the first guy he missed and passed the puck to the other guy and he shot it and he scored we were down bye a goal. They did same thing again and scored we were mad.
So the line that was out Dylan Resnick at center, kagon sheterly at right wing, Joe steel at left wing, and Andrew Siver at left defenseman and me at right defenseman . They dropped the puck and we got the puck. Dylan skated up the ice and passed the puck to kagon then back to Dylan and he shot and scored. The score was 2-1 after the goal. We got the puck in there end of the ice and we were having a face off Dylan pass the puck back to me I shot it ping bang boom. I scored. The score was 2-2. After that goal we scored 5 more goals and won the game. After the game we went to the pro shop and hung out. When I went home I went to bed.
The next morning we were in the semi finals in the Yost arena. We got dressed then got on the ice. Then they scored we were so mad then the period ended. My coach said this goalie was giving up so many rebounds. After those words We scored 5 goals we won the game and on to the finals.
And this is what took use here. We got so scared and then we went out there to play the game. First shift we scored form a rebound. After that goal we started a hot steak and scored and scored and scored and scored and scored. We were wining 7-0 we were killing them then 5 4 3 2 1 buzzzzzz the game was over we won the tournament we got our medals then I herd Daniel Zalesin I am the kid with the brown hair hazel eyes and small I got my metal and shock there hand our team was so happy we won the big bear tournament.

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