One afternoon, Jacob had his first soccer game of the season. Jacob has won two MVP’s in a row. He would set a world record if he would his third MVP in a row. His soccer game was at Rochester Hills high school soccer arena. When he got there, his head coach, Coach Williams said, line up!!!!!! We were practicing kicking goals. After that, the referee said, PLAY!! We started off with the ball. After 3 minutes of the game, I scored! 1-0 Blue Jays. Five minutes later, the other team scored, 1-1. At halftime we were losing 2-1. We went to the locker room for ten minutes then came back out onto the Soccer field. In the first thirty seconds of the next half, we scored. 2-2. Three minutes later, the other team scored. 3-2. Then we scored 3 times in the last 5 minutes. We won 5-3!!!!!!

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