David B's Language Arts

I have a small momment that was awesome!I made a game saving diving catch for my baseball team.The bases were loaded, I was in Right Field,My team was winning 8 to 7.Their were two outs, full count, the wind up,then the pitch.Fly ball, Idive,and I make the Catch!My dad and the players yelled so hard.Also my dad is the coach.I was so happy.I got a lot of high fives.Are whole entire team got ice cream on the way home.Me and my dad were so happy.It was the best part of baseball of my life.When I got home,I told my mom.She was so happy.I got to go out for dinner the whole week.I am so happy I made that sweet and amazing catch.It was the best kid catch ever to me.I also got to stay up late every day because I helped my team win.
Another small moment in my life was to learn how to ski.I was at Pine Knob ski resort in Clarkston,MI.My lesson was late at night like at 9:30.You had to have two lessons before you can ski on other hills.That's Pine Knobs rule.I hate that rule.I learned how to stop at the end of the hill.How to ride down steep hills.

David B

Language Arts:
  • List and explain three ways that you have improved your writing from the beginning of the year to now….. I have been writing some practice paragraphs, went to speech pharapists to help me write better, write storys with more details.
  • How has your reading improved this year? Explain. i have been going to a reading tutor every Tuesday and Thursday for the past 4 months. I have been practicing roots and what they mean.
  • How do you feel about your language arts experience overall this year? I feel very good about it.
  • What is your overall individual goal for this class? To be at a 6th grade reading level by the end of the school year.

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