The Time I Broke My Arm

Our family was just getting back from my Grandma's house in Ohio. Once we got in the house, my Mom told me that my friend Ross had just called to see if I wanted to come over to his house. I immediately said yes, and she told me to get in the car. Once we got there, Ross was jumping his bike off a small kick ramp on the sidewalk. I ran home and grabbed my bike too. My bike was a small dirt bike. I had gotten it for a birthday present when I was eight. It was light green and had scratched up black pegs jutting out of the wheels. I raced it down to his house, getting there my mom had left. Ross showed me how to go off the side of the ramp, so you do not go so high. my first jump was a success. I asked if I could go off the whole ramp, and Ross said he wouldn't suggest it. Guess what. I did it anyway.

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