The Watson's go to Birmingham 1963 summary

Evan M.

The Watson's is about a family with a juvenile delenquent for a son, and his name is Byron, and he is always getting in trouble. The Watsons had finally had enough, so they took a road trip to Birmingham, Alabama so he could live with his grandma, Grandma Sands. When he got the news of the road trip, he told Buphead he wasn't going to talk the whole trip. Though he said his first word before they were even out of Detroit. When they finally got to Birmingham, Kenny's first impression is how Grandma Sands says family like fambly. She says it like that because of her accent. Kenny was used to his mom occasionally talking in a southern accent, but he had never heard anything like that. Kenny first criticized Alabama because of how hot the nights got. One of the biggest chapters are when Kenny meets the Wool Pooh. The Wool Pooh is one of Byrons fake creations. It was meant to keep Kenny from going to swim in a lake that had whirlpools. Kenny thought it was fake, so he swam in the lake anyways. He waded in, but got caught in a small whirlpool, and as he went under, he saw a gray cloud that was slightly humanoid. He saw the Wool Pooh, and later you discover that the Wool Pooh represents death. He barely got out alive, even when Byron grabbed him out. After a week or so, Kenny woke up to Joey leaving for Sunday School. He still felt really tired from his encounter with the Wool Pooh, so he sat down under a tree. Suddenly, he heard a loud boom. That woke Byron up, and his family soon heard that Joey's church had been bombed. The Watsons ran to the church, and Kenny went into shock from what he saw. He went home, and then saw Joey. Though he thought that Joey was a figment of his imagination, and the Wool Pooh was just showing Joey to his family before she left. He realized the truth, and told everyone she was okay.They left for Michigan the next day. Though Joey still doesn't know the truth about what happened in Birmingham.

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