What was your favorite activity & why?

My favorite activity was canoeing because it was fun to glide along without even the slightest bump.
The best part was when me and Nate were going really fast at the shore, then we veered to the right;
straight towards the dock! When we were about to hit it, Nate flipped on his back and pushed off with
his feet, avoiding a crash!

What was one challenge you faced & how did you overcome it?

One challenge I faced was when I had to do the climbing wall. I had never done a climbing wall before,
and I was afraid of heights. But I still did the hardest climbing wall. I got halfway up and my heart was racing.
I tried not to look down, but I had to to find footholds. I climbed for what seemed like eternity, but I finally rang
the bell at the top. When I got down, my friend told me I made it to the top in 57 seconds!

How well did your team work together?

At first, our team didn't work together very well, but we slowly learned to listen and respect each other.
When we did LCC (Low Challenge Course) there was a game where we had to move on land skis.
Land skis are long boards that had ropes attached to them. We had to find a way to (without touching
the ground) go a certain distance on the land skis. It was very difficult to all make the same movements,
because not many people were listening. But eventually we worked out a system and went very fast.

What does a good team look like?

A good team looks like a group of people that are ready to trust each other. They should be given
a task then achieve it faster than they would do it alone.

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