How do you feel you have grown as a learner from your honey bee (DPC) experience?
I have learned a lot more about honey bees since we started. I still remember when my 3/4 class visited their class to watch their presentation. When I learned that bees were dying out, I was very curious. A year later, I was learning all about bees, and had a great time doing so.
Did your group work well together? Why or why not?
I think our group has worked better than most, but not in all ways. Every once in a while , we are scrambling around, not knowing what to do. We don't work together well on those days because some are trying to do this, others find work to do. Though don't take me the wrong way, we work great when we have some sort of chart to fill.
What has been your favorite part of this challenge
I like the days that you have something real solid to work on, and there are not a lot of questions about our task. We just get to work, and achieve way more than planned. I like these days because afterwards you feel proud of what you have done. It also helps the class in general to get to our current goal.
What is your overall individual goal for this class?
My goal is to almost always have something to do. That way, we get more done and become more helpful. Those few days where we have nothing to do are my least favorite. No matter who I ask, it seems like we can't get anything done.

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