Drone lying queen bees

Drone Laying Queens: This happens when eggs aren't fertilized by the queen bee, resulting in only drone eggs instead of worker bee eggs.
Thsi is a picture of the iregular pattern of brood and the good pattern of brood.
external image brood.gif
What causes this is when the supply of sperm or the queen has poorly mate or not mated at all, then the queen will only lye drone eggs
This is a picture of a queen bee in its cell
external image rp19.jpg
The symptoms are drone dome shaped capped cells and only drones hatching.
This is a picture of all of the dome shaped capped cells
external image displayImage.cfm?id=201
There would be lots of drones in the hive. There would not be alot of honey or pollen because of the lack of worker bees. because drone bees do not go collect thev honey or pollen. Also, all of the lavae combs would be dome shaped due to only drone larvae.
What we can do about it is requeen, with a younger recently mated queen. We can also unite the colony with a stronger one.
This is a picture of a strong good hive

external image bee_hive_spl470_470x303.jpg
There is no way to prevent it but to get rid of the queen,when the worker bees sense tht the queen only lays drones they will make a new queen cell and either the drone laying queen will leave the hive because she senses that she is being replaced or fight to the dealth with the new queen.
This is a picture of larva hatching

external image e25bfe373faee810598f138a595a3afb.jpeg

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