All teams must post their wikis to this page.
Each page must include:
  • Team Name
  • Team Logo
  • Team Slogan
  • Job descriptions and who is in charge of each job and why is this a fit position for each team member (See below for jobs)
  • Team photo

Job descriptions
  • Project Engineer - Responsible for helping members understand the team's task, leading team discussions, checking for safety at all times, and checking whether the team's task is complete.
  • Facilities Engineer - Responsible for collecting materials, directing model construction, directing cleanup, and storing materials.
  • Test Engineer - Responsible for recording and organizing data in the Team Design Log.

The Mini Moters (Cameron R. Cameron H. and Adam B.)
Top-Notch-Toys Ben, Keaton, and Camille
Funner Toy CO Rachel, Shannon and Katie
Gravity. Imagine and Make-It! - Molly, Angela and Vivian
Racing Buddies-(Madeline, Reagan, and Mika)
Royal Toys - Lauren, Sophie, Ava
Ninja Bunny - Nick L, Blasie, Evan
Thunder Cars - David, Daniel, and Lucas
Funky Monkies- Nate, Ross, and Brody

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