1. Create a team page and post it here. This should inlcude a team name & the names of each team member.
2. On your page, describe the problem you are trying to solve & who the seat is intended for.
3. Take a photo of your original designs and upload to your wiki.
4. Take a photo of your team and upload a photo.

Imagine the Impossible - Vivian, Molly, Angela

Coca Cooler - Ben, Lucas, and Cameron R.

Stylish Learning - Rachel, Lauren, Sophie

The Steel Chair - Cameron H, Daniel, and Keaton

The Dancing Rainbow Monkeys - Ava, Shannon, and Madeline

The Cool Stools - Nate, Ross, and David

The Multipurpose Chair - Mika, Katie, and Reagan

Elite Pigs - Blaise, Evan, and Nick

Black Walnut - Adam, Brody, and Camille

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