Mika, Katie,Reagan
Our problem for the chair we are creating, is that when you are walking in a garden and you see a plain wooden bench in a beautiful garden full of flowers, our chair is painted and pretty and will math the garden. Also it can hold garden tools. Our chair does not take up much room in your garden so it is great to sit on and water your flowers or do anything you like on your chair.

This is our rough sketch
Photo on 5-3-13 at 1.17 PM.jpg

Photo on 5-6-13 at 1.32 PM.jpg
We spray painted the bottom of the seat, we decided to make it pink instead of the the color we were going to do, yellow.

we put the catalis on the legs and made sure they were level.
Photo on 5-6-13 at 1.49 PM.jpg

At first we were going to sand the legs. But now we are going to cut them straight as mr. brooks showed us how to mark our chair!

Photo on 5-13-13 at 1.11 PM #2.jpg

Mr. Brooks (a parent volunteer) explained to us how to make the bottoms of our chair legs flat.

This is our group tracing the template we made on the material we used to make the pockets for our chair.


We cut out our templates and placed them on top of each other and hot glued them together to finish our pockets


external image placeholder?w=NaN&h=NaN
This is our final design for our completed chair! We stapled the pockets to the chair.


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