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Monday, Jan. 14th
Read How to hide your fist cache.
Read the guidelines for creating a puzzle cache. Guidelines
Take a look at the 7 Mystery & Puzzle ideas page.
Decide on possible locations for your cache. (We will plan a trip out to your site soon.)
Begin creating possible questions that could be used as part of the possible puzzle. (Bee Related)

Here are our Questions:
0: How many drones are in a hive over winter? from
1:How many queens are in a hive?From
2:How many stomachs does a bee have?From
3:How many types of bees are in a hive in the summer?From
4:How many wings does a bee have?

5: How many eyes does a honeybee have? From

6: How long does it take for a queen to emerge from its cell? Subtract the number from 10.

7: How many days does it take for a bee to hatch? Divide the number by 3.

8. How many queen bees are in a hive? Multiply the number by eight.

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