Go Blue Toy Company

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Cole H, Hadin, Drew

Our jobs:

Project Engineer, Cole Facilities Engineer, Drew Test Engineer.

Hadin is Project Engineer becauese he is a great leader and if something goes wrong he could most likely fix it.
Cole is Facitilities Engineer because he is good with items and directing clean up.
Drew is Test Engineer because he can type data really fast.


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Team Slogan:
Motor City cars

What requirements must be met?
  • It has to travel 3 meters.
  • The car can't have batteries.
  • Try to go 6 meters.
  • Sterdy enogh for kids to play with it.
  • Easy to repair.
  • Eye cathing.
  • Courageted plastic, wheels, and string
  • Have leaver and weight system.

What do you need to learn in order to build your design?

  • How a car works.
  • The main parts of a car
  • How to have the car make less friction on the wheels
  • How to make the lever go up and down

How will you know if your toy design is successful?

  • We would know if went 3 meters.
  • We would also know if it was eye catching.
  • We would also know if it was sturdy enough for kids to play with.
  • We would also know if it has leaver and weight system.

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