In order to make the Goal Setting Process simpler this year the Fitz/Brown team would like to offer you some alternatives.

After completing the sheet below with your child to identify an academic goal choose one of the options listed to complete the process.

Final Goal Setting Template

Option 1
For a Face to Face conference please click on the appropriate link and sign up for a conference time. Your child MUST attend the face to face conference.

Brown Homeroom Conference Sign Up:
Fitz Homeroom Sign Up

Option 2
Once you have identified a Goal you can look at the selection of Goal sheets below.If one is similar to a goal you have identified, please download it add your child's name and feel free to tweak it by adding/subtracting/editing the action steps or altering the wording of the goal. Your child needs to copy the completed goal onto his/her Goal Setting Wiki page. This option would enable you to complete the Goal Setting Process without a face to face conference.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

These are examples of Goals and steps students have set in the past to give you ideas for a goal and determining appropriate steps to achieve it.

communicate clearly.doc
CLASSY work.doc
long term assignments.docx
study for tests.doc
turning in work on time.doc
Use time effectively.doc
math confidence.doc
times tables facts.doc
writing organization.docx

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