Shannon Stubbs
Name: Shannon Stubbs
Academic Goal:

My Academic Goal: To complete quality homework in a timely manner.

Action Plan:

1. Do not rush my homework to play outside.

2. When I am finished I will re-read what I wrote and make sure it has good quality and answered the question that was asked.

3. Put away my phone or iPad so I do not get distracted by it.

4. I will take notes in class so I understand what is going on.

5. I will check the blog when I get home against my planner.

Which of the steps in your action plan have you been doing? Which ones haven’t you been doing? Why? In which ways do you feel like you have made progress toward achieving your goal? Explain.

1. I have been doing my homework when I get home but somtimes on Fridays I don't and I wait till Sunday night. I also have been checking the blog aganist my planner, somtimes and puting away my phone and ipad when I do my homework. I also go over my work to make sure its good, somtimes.

2. I havent really been checking over my work at home or at school which i need to work on. I have been enjoying reading a little bit more. I have been doing my homework when i get home not late at night. I feel like i have and havent achived my goal.

Which of the steps in the action plan has your child been doing? Which steps hasn’t your child been doing? Why? Do you feel like your child has made progress toward achieving the goal? Explain.

1. Shannon, has successfully removed her Ipad and phone from her homework time. She has given more attention to the blog and her class notes. I have not seen any note taking but I know she is trying and would like to have her work on active listening more. Overall she is doing a great job on her goals.

2. Shannon continues to complete her homework in a timely manner. I agree she needs imrove on reviewing her work and adding detail. I would like to see her continue to increase her reading time as well. She received an excellent report card and we are proud of her development.

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