Brown Homeroom

Fitz Homeroom

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The Engineering Design Experience

Set Goals
  • What requirements must be met?
  • What do you need to learn in order to build your design?
  • How will you know if your toy design is successful?

Build Knowledge
  • What are the basic parts to a Gravity Cruiser?
    • Lever & weights (Support beams)
    • Wheels & axles
    • Chassis (body of the car)

  • How do these parts work together?

  • Build a model and then answer the following questions:
    • How does your model work?
    • How could you make it work better?

  • Change parts of the model, record observations, and discuss your results with other teams.
    • Amount of weights used (pennies)
    • Location of lever arm compared to the fulcrum
    • Location of lever arm compared to the support beams (move up or down)
    • Size of wheels
    • Length of lever arm
    • Length of the string
    • Legth or size of the support beams
    • Wheel location
    • Length of wheel axle

  • Make predictions on what parts allow your model to be a quality toy that meets all requirements

  • What ideas do you have for your design?
  • What will make your design stand out among all the other teams?

Build & Test
  • Build and test your design that meets the performance criteria
  • Redesign as time allows to create the optimal toy (Keep in mind the appearance of your cruiser)

  • Show and describe your work to an audience

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