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Molly, Vivian and Angela

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GIAMI Pro-to Type

Set Goals
  • What requirements must be met? Needs to be made out of corrugated plastic, wheels, and string. A basic cruiser that travels at least 3 meters for the minimum. Goal for more than 6 meters. Travel in a straight line. Sturdy enough for kids to play with. Be easy to repair. Can not use batteries. Has to be gravity powered. Must be powered by lever and weight system.

  • What do you need to learn in order to build your design? How to make a car with only using gravity to make the car move. How to make a car out of corrugated plastic, wheels, and string. Make a car that is sturdy. How to make a car travel at least 3 meters. How to make a car easy to repair. Wheels. How to use a lever and weight system. How to get the car started without using a push or a pull. Figure out low friction.

  • How will you know if your toy design is successful? If it meets all of the requirements.


Test Engineer: Vivian. I type very fast and I am organized. Also, I am good with computers.

Facilities Engineer - Angela I am responsible and good at helping people with construction and cleaning up

Project Engineer - Molly I am very good at figuring out how to build things and I am very good at explaining how to do things. I also am good at checking if things are complete.

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