It was a nice sunny day in Comerica Park. The Detroit Tigers were playing the Baltimore Oirlines in the last game of regular season. It was great since my sister was not there and my friend Will took her place. I have known Will since third grade. We easily became best friends. Will and I could have a good conservation with each other. We both were huge Michigan University fanatics. I decided to take my best friend if I could take anyone. The ballpark smelled like a ballpark.It was a break before the seventh inning. Will and I got hats. I got the hat that was blue and the D was red, Will got the opposite.

We came down to the fifteenth row where are seats were. We sat down. It was the top of the seventh inning. The tigers had the bases loaded. There were two outs. The announcer shouted Miguel Cabrera. Will and I were so happy. He is my favorite baseball player ever.You want to walk him because he hits home run after home run. Cabrera is from Venezuela. He lives in Birmingham witch is two minutes away from my house. He walked up to the plate, the ball boy did something to his bat. He got ready.The first pitch was out side the box. Cabrera fouled the next two. If he got one more strike he would be out. The next two were balls. The game was so intense. The pitch count was 3-2. Will and I could not look. Then it happened. Cabrera just smashed a ball toward right field; it was grand slam! I dropped my cotton candy and stood up so I could cheer like crazy. I high five Will. We only needed one run to tie the game. Unfortunately the pitcher struck our next batter out to end the inning. No one scored after that. We lost 5-6 but I still remember the grand slam ball.

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