China Essay

Many dynasties were created and destroyed during ancient China. One of China’s first dynasties was the Shang Dynasty. The Qin dynasty was harsh. Liu Bong did not like the harsh Qin dynasty so he rebelled against it and eventually destroyed it and created the Han Dynasty. Dynasties were created but also destroyed during China’s early years.

The Shang Dynasty was one of China's earliest dynasty. The Shang Dynasty lasted from 1500 b.c. to 1100 b.c. During the Shang dynasty chopsticks were invented, that made it easier to eat. China learned how to make bronze during this time so it was called the Bronze Age. The Shang Dynasty is considered to be the first true Dynasty.

The Qin Dynasty was a hard time for people living their. Empire Qin Shi Huang ruled during the Qin Dynasty. He was a very mean ruler. For example if someone suggested good ideas you would be killed. This Dynasty lasted from 221 b.c.e to 206 b.c.e. It only lasted for 15 years. Empire Qin did do some good things during the Qin dynasty. For example he built roads, canals and saved many people from floods. “A thousand may die so a million can live”. Empire Qin said that to say he did not think his legalism ruling was not bad for the people living there. After he died his son took over, he only ruled for a little bit because many people did not like the Qin dynasty.

Liu de Bang was against the Qin dynasty. There was a war that Liu de Bong won against the Qin Dynasty. He started the Han Dynasty. The Han Dynasty lasted from 206 bc to 220 ad. It lasted very long because many people liked the Han dynasty. It was a good time because they found the Silk Road. The Silk Road allowed the Chinese to trade with the Romans and other people. The Chinese also invented paper during the Han Dynasty. Confucius played big role in the Han dynasty.

Every dynasty in the Chinese history was very important. They all mean a lot to Chinas history. The Shang Dynasty is famous for its bronze. The Qin dynasty was very hard on the people but there were some improvements that happened during the Qin dynasty. The Han dynasty was a great time during China. Avery single dynasty played a huge role during ancient China.

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