Watsons go to Birmingham 1963

The Watsons go to Birmingham 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis is a great book. It takes place in Flint Michigan and Birmingham Alabama. The major characters are momma, Joey, Kenny, Byron, and dad. Byron is doing stuff he isn’t supposed to in Flint Michigan and mama can’t take it anymore. The Weird Watsons head south to Birmingham Alabama. Byron learns to be nicer there. In Alabama Byron saves Kenny from a whirlpool (wool pooh).Byron found out Joeys church got bombed. Byron with his pants barley on runs out of Grandma Sand’s house and sees what happened to Joey. The Watsons go to Birmingham is an amazing book.

Setting is important in the Watsons go to Birmingham 1963. The book starts out saying “It was one of those super – duper - cold Saturday’s”. Byron’s lips get stuck in the mirror because it is so cold in Flint Michigan. The Weird Watsons drive to Alabama in the Brown Bomber. In Birmingham it is so hot. When Kenny and Byron slept the first night Kenny said “we both were sweating like pigs”. When Kenny almost dies it was in a lake. He would not be in that lake if it was 20°. Kenny almost dies in the whirlpool but Byron saves him. The Church was an extremely important setting in the book. Kenny had to go into the church because he was telling the story. If he was not in the church we would not what happened to the church. Setting is huge in the Watsons go to Birmingham 1963.

Character plays an important role in the Watsons go to Birmingham 1963. Byron is a bully in the beginning but when the Weird Watsons go to Alabama he becomes a nice guy. I think Byron is a dynamic character because he is a bully at first and a nice guy in the end. Joey is the youngest of the family and is very dramatic and protective. Joey is a foil character because she affects mamma, dad, Byron, and Kenny she makes the Weird Watsons all cry when they think she’s dead from the bombing. Kenny is the narrator and the main character. I think he is a dynamic character because he grows up a little in Alabama and he does some things he is not supposed to do. Momma is a nice character but can get a little scary at times with her snake voice. I think momma is a flat character. I don’t think she changes a lot in the book. Daddy cool is a pretty cool dad. I think he is a flat character because he doesn’t change much.

Christopher Paul Curtis did a great job with setting and character. Without either of them the book would not be good at all. Setting was very important in the Watson’s go to Birmingham 1963. Christopher Paul Curtis did a amazing job on the book. Each character is so unique in a different way. Christopher Paul Curtis did an amazing job on the character and setting.

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