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Water Treatment
Water Treatment Animation
Water Filtration Process and how to create your own demonstration

Groundwater Video
Aquifer picture


external image groundwater.gif
external image groundwater.gif

Pollutants & Landuses

Watershed Videos
What is a watershed?
Watershed Game
Map of Michigan's Major Watersheds
Great Lakes Basin Watershed Map
Rouge Watershed Nonpoint Source Information
Rouge River History
The Rouge River Water Project
Great Lakes Watershed Links

external image watershed.jpg
external image watershed.jpg

Water Conservation
Game - Water conservation around the house
Games & Activities to save water

Water Cycle
Water Cycle Animation
Animated Water Cycle Video - Study Jams
Water Cycle Game
Water Droplet Game


Water Cycle Transfer Processes

Evaporation: water movement from a liquid to a gas (water vapor)
Condensation: water vapor (gas) condensing to form a liquid or a solid
Precipitation: forms when water vapor in the air cools down and condenses. When enough molecules group together gravity will pull them back down to the ground. (rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc.)
Accumulation: when a liquid / solid water gathers together in one place. (Lakes, rivers, oceans, puddles, glaciers, etc.)
Sublimation: when water goes from a solid form straight to a gas
Transpiration: when water is taken up from the soil into the roots of plants, transported through the plant and evaporates out tiny openings in the leaves.
Infiltration: when water moves from the surface of the planet, through the soil and into groundwater

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