Moi Science

  • What have you found challenging about science this year?

  • In Science, I have found that bringing my science note book to class when we are taking notes. Because of this, I have to go out of the classroom during class time to go to my locker and get my science notebook. Then I might miss something important that Mrs. Brown is saying to us. And then I might find out too late that we had some homework assigned that day.

  • What have you done to overcome these challenges?

  • I have found many ways to bring my science notebook to class. First of all, I have asked my fellow students in Mrs. Fitzgerald’s class what we are doing in Science. Second, I have brought my science notebook to class. Finally, I have asked Mrs. Brown before class if we are going to take notes.

  • What has been your favorite activity in science this year?

  • My favorite activity in science this year so far is the Gravity Cruisers. I found out how to use iMovie for the first time and made a video of Michael building the car, although it never got posted. Michael, Josh and I had fun making funny videos with iMovie, too. Our car didn’t win overall, but that didn’t stop us from cheering when a group from our homeroom DID win overall!

  • What is your personal goal in science for the rest of the school year? Why?

  • My overall goal for Science class this year is to get good grades by paying attention in class. I would like to accomplish this goal because sometimes I think that I could be doing better in science. I can accomplish this goal in many ways. One way I can do this is that I can ask Mrs. Brown at the beginning of class if I will have to take notes, so I don’t have to go to my locker during class time to get my science notebook. Another way that I can do this is that I can have my planner out because we have planners at the start of Science.

  • What science activity would you like to share with your parents and why?

  • I would like to show my Mom and Dad our Sports and Animal systems project. Working on it with Michael was a treat. Plus, it gives you a brief idea why multiple body systems are used in Gymnastics. It may be short, but it still is something!

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