Language Arts
  • List and explain three ways that you have improved your writing from the beginning of the year to now´┐Ż..
I have improved in many ways. I have become more descriptive and detailed. Also, i have been writing longer stories and essays, and have been writing about different topics and types of stories.
  • How has your reading improved this year? Explain.
I have been trying to read more books, and i have read over 25 books. Also, I have been trying to read longer books, and that has helped me with reading. I continue to challenge my self every day with hard books.
  • How do you feel about your language arts experience overall this year?
I think it has been a good year for me so far, I have mainly improved my writing but I have also improved my reading as well. It has been a good year!
  • What is your overall individual goal for this class?
I want to read 40 books this year, and improve my writing more. I want to do this because I think it is important to finish a large amount of reading so I can improve my reading level. Also, I think improving my writing will also be good for me.

Watsons Summary
Watsons Literary Analysis

Social Studies:
  • How do you feel about your social studies experience this year?
I feel like I have learned a lot, about many things that are important. I also understand things now that I didn't before, and am happy about it. I think Social Studies this year has been fun.
  • What is the most important thing that you have learned about American History this year?
We didn't learn about American History, but we did learn about religions. I think the most important thing I've learned is that although the three religions we're learning about are different, they are also all very alike. We learned this from the video we watched.

  • What has been your favorite activity in social studies this year?
I liked one activity in particular. It was the activity where we told the classroom truths. It was interesting to see how much the truths changed after being repeated many times. It is amazing how the Judaism religion stayed intact.
  • What is your overall individual goal for this class?
I want to get an A in the class, and do well on every test and assignment. I will do this by studying hard. Also, I will ask for help when needed, and work my hardest. this will make me feel like I have done well in SS.

  • How do you feel you have grown as a learner from your honey bee (DPC) experience?
I have learned a lot. One thing I learned from this experience is you get things done faster when you work as a team. I also learned about how important the bees are. Without them, we would have no food and we would die within years. I have grown as a learner as well.
  • Did your group work well together? Why or why not?
We worked well together, most of the time. Sometimes a group member wasn't working, and sometimes we got off topic, but we fixed it. Overall, we worked exceptional together and got a lot done.
  • What has been your favorite part of this challenge
I enjoyed many things, but one thing was my favorite. I loved giving presentations. Last year, I thought it was very fun to go to every grade and present. Aso, I liked going to the bee convention. I liked seeing the hives and other things people were doing with bees.
  • What is your overall individual goal for this class?
I want to spread the word about the bees to the whole BPS district. To accomplish this, we might have to make a presentation and go to other schools. It will be a hard task. But, I'm sure we can accomplish it. Other schools need to be aware of the possible extinction of the bees, and how they can help.


  • What have you found challenging about science this year?
I have found some things difficult, including balancing work. Sometimes in class I do all of the work, but others the group does the work excluding me. I always end up one way or another, and it bugs me. Most of the time, I end up doing most of the work. I have tried many ways to fix this. I have thought of many more things else to try.
  • What have you done to overcome these challenges?
I have tried many ways to fix this problem. One thing I've tried is to balance the work before we do the project. But, this doesn't always work. Most of the time, someone always forgets to do their job. Other times, they do to much. It is a hard problem to solve.
  • What has been your favorite activity in science this year?
I liked many things in science class. But, one thing has been my favorite. My favorite activity was making a body book. I thought it was fun to draw th
  • What is your personal goal in science for the rest of the school year? Why?

I want to get As on every assignment. This will demonstrate that I know what I'm doing. Also, it will show that I have worked hard. I will be proud if I accomplish this task. It would be a great accomplishment.
  • What science activity would you like to share with your parents?
I want to show the bottle lab that shows the drinkable water. I think it is suprising how little of the water on the Earth is drinkable. I thought it was a lot more than it was. It is a small percentage compared to what I thought. I think my parents will be extremely surprised.


  • What have you found challenging about math this year?
I have found many things challenging this year. One example is memorizing formulas. It was especially hard in unit 8, and I did bad on the test. I will try and fix this problem by studying more and making flashcards. I tried to make flashcards before, but it didn't help much.
  • What have you done to overcome these challenges?
I tried to make flashcards, but it didn't help very much. Also, I have tried to study harder, but that did not help either. I will try to make more flashcards and try to make more time to study them.
  • What are you most proud of in math this year? Explain why
I am proud of my last test, and how I almost got 100%. It bumped my grade up from the last test, which I did not do well on. Also, I am proud of how well I understand some of the more difficult concepts.

  • What is your personal goal in math for the rest of the school year? Why?
I want to get at least a 90% on all of my math tests. This is my goal because it means I would be doing good in math. I will study hard for my tests, and make flashcards to help me. Also, I will try my best on all activities. It will show I'm doing good, and my grades will show it.
  • What math activity would you like your parents to try and why?
I want my parents try simulations. I made a sheet for them to try. I will explain how to do it. Then, I will give them the worksheet. It will be timed. I want them to try because it is a hard and time consuming activity.

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